Panhandle Humane Society’s Goal for New Facility

The Panhandle Humane Society in Scottsbluff is working toward a goal of building a new facility.  Simmons Olsen Law Firm attorney Leslie Shaver is on the board of directors for the Panhandle Humane Society. The board and Panhandle Humane Society director Cathy McDaniel are planning a major capital fundraising campaign this year to fund the construction of the new building.   A new building will be practical, functional, and allow for some more community involvement at the Panhandle Humane Society.  They’d like the potential to be able to provide community education in a classroom, or obedience classes, or have a place that elementary classes could come and spend time.   A new building is necessary because the current building is suffering and has inadequate space, poor plumbing, poor ventilation, and has just had a series of patches over time.  Simmons Olsen Law Firm looks forward to the progress and supporting Leslie Shaver and the Panhandle Humane Society as they work toward reaching their capital fundraising campaign goal this year