We Serve Businesses

Together with your accountant and other business advisors, we serve you in selecting the appropriate entity for your business, whether corporation, limited liability company, or partnership. Your entity decisions can impact the legal, operational, and tax aspects of your business, and we serve to guide you in the right direction, both during entity formation and during your operations. Services we offer include:

  • Entity Formation
  • Administrative Filings
  • Corporate or Company Minutes and Resolutions
  • Mergers and Dissolutions
  • Director or Officer Liability
  • Shareholder or Member Rights
  • Corporate or Company Planning, Support, and Advice

We also serve you in selling or purchasing a business or real estate, whether large or small, with expertise and diligence. Services we offer includes:

  • Purchase/Sale Documents
  • Purchase Negotiation
  • Due Diligence
  • Purchase or Sale Follow Through
  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sales
  • Loan Documents